Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cheeses for your barbecue

Due to the dreadful weather, That's Food and Drink has decided to extend its barbecue feature. We continue with a look at cheeses for your barbecue.

As well as serving cooked foods for the barbecue, a lot of thought has to go in to providing special accompaniments to the cooked foods.

Fresh salad leaves are great (make sure they are thoroughly washed, or better yet, grow your own) but one of the best foods you can serve as part of a perfect barbecue feast are some nice cheeses. In fact so long as you do not over cook them, you can even barbecue cheeses. Generally a short time on a flat griddle  will be sufficient.

Classical cheeses that are perfect for serving with a barbecue (not necessarily  barbecued) are Galbani Dolcetta Classico, President Rondele goat's cheese and President Brie. Now, your editor is not, it must be admitted, generally a fan of goat's cheese. But President Rondele goat's cheese tastes so perfect that even he has to express delight in its lively yet clean taste. And of you think you are a fan or an admirer of brie, just wait until you have tasted President Brie. It's soft yet not runny with a distinctly creamy taste that makes you realise that no matter how much you buy you are always left thinking: "Perhaps I should have bought some more?"

And then we go on to Seriously Strong Cheddar, which is one of the Kings of this type of cheese. Strong in flavour yet lacking in the harshness of  some types of allegedly strong Cheddar cheese, this has got to be a top favourite for being a very important part of the cheeseboard for your next barbecue party. And all your subsequent barbecue parties, for that matter.

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