Wednesday, 3 December 2014

English Quince Preserve

Several years ago and elderly lady was bemoaning the sad fact that Quince jams were no longer available.

It transpires that he melancholy was unfounded, because English Quince Preserve is available on sale within the UK.

It is available from of Kent.

It is made from hand picked English Quince fruits, but only when they are at the peek of ripeness  in the autumn.

Preparing the fruit is described as a "nightmare" because the tougher than tough skin declines most forcibly to be parted from its fruity flesh!

The preparation of Quince Preserve is a long and laborious task, but is it worth the wait?

In my opinion, it certainly is.

What does it taste like? It is actually quite hard to define. Some people say it is a cross between apple and pears and whilst I can't argue with that, I fear it only tells half of the story of its remarkable taste.

It goes well on crackers, crumpets and toast and can be used in cooking, too, with some very "flavourable" results.

I costs £3.29 for a 320g jar at amongst other outlets.

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