Friday, 28 June 2013

Legend of Kremlin Vodka

After a successful launch into the prestigious Mayfair venue Brown’s last month (EDITOR: My wife and I really must visit Brown's again, soon!) Legend of Kremlin Vodka is on a mission for 2013 – to become the most consumed and talked about vodka in W1, London!

Already in discussions with some of the most iconic venues in and surrounding Mayfair, over the coming months Legend of Kremlin Vodka will announce exclusive collaborations, guest appearances and home residencies throughout W1, widely regarded as one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

Legend of Kremlin Vodka prides itself on being derived from the very FIRST vodka recipe, making it Russia’s oldest export (probably!). Taking this original formula, and fusing the finest modern technology with top quality ingredients, Legend of Kremlin has become THE definitive Russian vodka.

Made using luxurious wheat grain infused with artesian well water, and distilled in the only traditional copper vats in use in Russia today, Legend of Kremlin has what most legends lack: authenticity. Each precious drop is enclosed in unique bottles: a Potyomkin glassworks pastiche of an ancient vodka carafe, juxtaposing cold brilliance and golden translucence.

Legend of Kremlin has won eleven “Grand Prix” and nine Gold Medals at the biggest international and Russian degustation competitions, making it a truly legendary drink.
Legend of Kremlin’s predisposition with quality has seen it ally with those who share similar priorities. Over the last year we have seen exciting collaborations with HR Owen, Lamborghini, the Saatchi Gallery and world famous mixologist Salvatore Calabrese!

Legend of Kremlin (70cl) is available from Harrods, leading wine merchants and online retailers. A 50cl carafe will be launched with Harrods in June 2013.

(EDITOR: It has a brilliant and transcendental range of flavours and that knowing tingle that only a high quality Vodka can provide properly!)

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