Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Natur Boutique's Organic Artichoke Tea. A miracle in a box!

Natur Boutique's Organic Artichoke Tea is a miracle in a box!

They are made by Fito Pharma of Binh Duong, Vietnam and distributed in the UK by Fito Ltd of London.

The first thing that you will notice when you make a cup of tea with the tea bag is a very distinct yet rather pleasing scent.

When you drink it, you will notice that it has a sort of smoky under note to it, with a deliciously savoury taste.

However, the rather nice taste is not the magical part of this Artichoke Tea.

The magical part is what it does to other substances when you taste them.

For Artichoke Tea has the amazing ability to make other things taste sweeter than before when you taste them after drinking the Artichoke Tea!

So, the amazing thing is that you do not need so much sugar or sweetener when you are cooking or making a drink!

I also found, and this is just a personal observation, that the Artichoke Tea seems to somehow enhance the flavours of other substances, too.

Natur Boutique organic Artichoke Tea is certified as organic by Ecocert SA.

Natur Boutique can proudly point out that the organic artichokes used are grown without artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

They are gown in high altitude areas of Vietnam. The artichokes -they use the flower heads to make the tea-  thrive very nicely there. But insects, however, don't, so hence no need for pesticides!

Incidentally, the farmers are paid 30% over and above the normal market price, so their farmers always get a fair deal.

To learn more about this astounding tea, please visit www.naturboutique.co.uk.

You can buy it from their website (20 tea bags for £2.99) or from Holland and Barrett stores.

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