Monday, 11 July 2016

Chock Chick brings you Blissful Blends

Chock Chick brings you Blissful Blends.

These are very special chocolate treats that are filled with absolutely delicious flavours yet are utterly guilt free!

They take raw cacao powder and blend it to make some utterly tasty hot chocolate.

You can indulge in the citrus power of "Marvellous Mandarin" or "heart-warming cinnamon."

These hot chocolate treats are utterly free of guilt because there is no dairy, no sugar and no gluten.

They are ideally suited to people who are vegans, coeliacs and all lovers of good quality hot chocolate drinks.

Alsop, due to the fact that, unlike 'leading' hot chocolate rinks there is no added sugar so they should be fine for people who are diabetics.

The sugar content of Chock Chick Blissful Blends is a very respectable 0.3 grammes per 10 gramme serving, or 3.1 grammes per 100 grammes of product. (EDITOR: If in doubt you can discuss this with your doctor or your clinic's diabetes nurse.)

However, there's much more you can do with Choc Chick Blissful Blends! There are lots of absolutely yummy recipes that you can try your hand at.

Just visit for details and a little bit of inspiration. (And to find your nearest stockist, or you can order direct from their website. do please check out the rest of their range.)

Choc Chick points out that the Thebroma Cacao (chocolate powder) they use is 100% organic and is only ever single origin Nacional Arriba variety. Which is only ever sourced directly from Ecuadorian cooperatives ventures

All additional flavours are also guaranteed to be natural.

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