Sunday, 15 January 2012

Schwartz Collaborates With Chef Maria Elia To Launch McCormick's Global Flavour Forecast® 2012

Maria Elia creates six tasty recipes to bring top flavour trends to the table all year round.

Herbs and spices experts Schwartz, in partnership with parent company McCormick & Company, Incorporated, a global leader in flavour, uncovers the future of flavour and releases its first ever global Flavour Forecast 2012. Since 2000, the report showcases McCormick and Schwartz leadership in culinary trends and innovations. It pinpoints common trends and flavours driving culinary innovation and reveals a singular set of forces driving what we will eat across the globe in coming years. In the UK, Flavour Forecast was released annually since 2008.

This first global edition of the Flavour Forecast was crafted by an international team of McCormick and Schwartz chefs, sensory scientists, trend trackers, marketing experts and food technologists spanning Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America. It highlights the six hottest global culinary themes for this year illustrated by 12 regional flavour combinations.

Trends highlighted in the report include honouring a cuisine's traditional roots, seeking the ultimate in sensory stimulation, a focus on vegetables, simplicity, flavourful swaps, and breaking boundaries.

To bring Flavour Forecast 2012 to life in the UK, Schwartz is collaborating with Chef Maria Elia, who has added her twist on Flavour Forecast by developing six contemporary new recipes appealing to the UK palate. A further six recipes have been crafted by Schwartz Concept Development Chef, Steve Love, a member of Schwartz's dedicated team of Development Chefs, who collectively identified these flavours which showcase the trends. In total a selection of twelve inspiring on-trend recipes have been created for flavour enthusiasts to replicate at home.

Maria Elia's Flavour Forecast 2012 recipes include:

Raw Lamb Kibbeh and Asian Pear Salad Honours Roots
Watermelon Cooler Cocktail takes you on a Quest for the Ultimate
Honey, Harissa Marinated Aubergines wrapped in Kataifi brings Veggies back in Vogue
Jerusalem Artichoke and Vanilla Soup with Seared Scallops gives Simplicity the Shine
Red Tea Ganache with a Cinnamon and Plum Compote encourages Flavourful Swaps
Blueberry and Cardamom Glazed Ham reminds that flavour has No Boundaries

"Being on top of culinary and flavour trends is something I'm passionate about as a chef, so it's a pleasure to work with Schwartz on their Flavour Forecast 2012," says Maria Elia. "I get to experiment with my love of flavour combinations and create innovative recipes, applying a fresh perspective on tradition that balances modern tastes and cultural authenticity. It's a fun and exciting challenge; a global adventure to inspire the palate!"

Steve Love adds, "Flavour Forecast 2012 demonstrates six global trends with some inspiring and delicious regional flavour combinations and food experiences, allowing you to eat in many countries without leaving your home nation. Now in its fifth year in the UK, the Flavour Forecast is inspired by the food we eat every day, from supermarket products to restaurant offerings. Trends pinpointed in past editions have moved once-edgy ingredients into mainstream popularity and we have no doubt it will continue to further enlighten the global culinary scene."

Schwartz is McCormick's leading "herbs and spices" brand in the UK, offering the greatest variety of herbs, spices and seasonings. Our spice experts from McCormick have travelled the world in search of the best spices and herbs available. Schwartz's extensive product portfolio spans into different sectors including recipe mixes, wet sauces, gravies and innovative stir fry seasonings.

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