Monday, 4 July 2016

Lucy Rocks Paleo. Breakfast time just got better!

With the introduction of Lucy Rocks Paleo breakfast meals, breakfast time has, indedd, just ogt better!

Blush Crunch £6.49.

Blush Crunch is specially created using  raw activated buckwheat which is coated in a very tasty selection of anti inflammatory beetroot powder and lucuma.

This makes it delightfully creamy. As buckwheat is naturally gluten free buckwheat, it's great for those who have a problem with gluten.

And buckwheat is a very valuable source of protein, rutin and manganese.

Not only is it a great breakfast meal, you can use it in smoothies or as part of a tasty dessert.

However, we were also able to try Golden Granola. It's also £6.49, and it is a real breakfast treat.

It's delightfully crunchy -but not too crunchy!- and it is so flavoursome that you might want to hide it from guests or visitors!

Our ancient ancestors used to have to forage in the woods to collect up enough super berries in order to put a decent breakfast together.

All we have to do is to grab a box of Golden Granola and enjoy a fantastic paleo diet meal which is a good and hearty start to your day!

Also available are Glowing Granola and Lush Crunch and a whole range of other yummy products!

For details and for buying information please check out their website at

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