Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Cook properly with an Everhot range!

Everhot ranges are designed and constructed to last you a lifetime.

And the advantage is that, unlike some ranges, you can easily have your Everhot range removed from your home and moved with you to your new abode!

The new Everhot 100i (Teal with Chrome Handles and Hinges) costs £7,530.

Over 35 years ago the story of the Everhot ranges began at Coaley Mill, which is in Gloucestershire.

What was the intention? To develop an efficient heat storage range which could make use of the water turbine which had been installed by the owner of Coaley Mill, Mr Ossie Goring.

In fact, Ossie still lives at the mill, but the business is now in the equally capable hands of his son, Guy.

Incidentally, Everhot’s passion for conservation means that the company is now carbon negative.

Everhot cookers are built to last a lifetime and thanks to an in-house installation team, a robust design and traditional British craftsmanship there is usually no need for servicing.

Everhot cookers are also available in ten colours: The new Teal colour plus Black, Graphite, White, Cream, Green, Sage, Blue, Burgundy and Aubergine.

Costs for the additional chrome package costs £150 for the Everhot 60 and 90 ranges and £200 for the bigger sizes.

The NEW Teal Range Cooker from Everhot aims to bring some lightness and joy to kitchens nationwide.

This vibrant new colour range is available with the option of chrome hinges and handles to make a bold, striking statement.

Everhot’s handbuilt cookers are the most energy efficient heat storage ranges available.

They use a stunning half the energy of equivalent comparable range cookers, Everhot cookers gently warm a kitchen with electricity.

What's the advantage? They run cleanly and they are also easier and quicker to switch on or off, they are simpler and easier to install (no flue is required, so no chimneys or flues to be swept clean!) and they are ideal for running off solar panels or other forms of renewable energy.

They are also really, really good for cooking with!

The ability to have an induction hob together with a more conventional and traditional hot plate, plus the grill, makes Everhot cookers a big hit with just about anybody and everybody.

Busy parents, dedicated amateur and professional cooks and chefs, all are seduced by the charm and versatility of the Everhot ranges.

Want to cook a full English breakfast? Grill some meat? Bake bread or cakes, slow-roast a joint, or whip up a quick meal from scratch? The ever-so-capable Everhot will help you do it.

There's a massive selection of different models and different sizes, so there's one to suit every kitchen.

And no servicing costs and much lower energy bills are two more plus points to buying an Everhot.

To learn more about Everhot and their ranges please visit www.everhot.co.uk call them on 01453 890018 or email: sales@everhot.co.uk.

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